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  • The Buddha.

  • Meister Eckhart.

  • Paolo Coehlo.

  • Aesop

  • Richard Moss.

  • Benjamin Disraeli

The universal rules of life are the most important knowledge one can develop - the difference between success and failure, happiness and pain, love and despair. We each determine our own destiny. How can one apply this to daily life?...

Business Life

Although "higher wisdom" may feel inspiring, it can appear to be impractical, especially when it comes to one's business life & issues - seemingly removed from the daily realities. Surprisingly, one discovers the opposite to be true when this wisdom is put to the test. Here are a few insights from my own experience as a Tech CEO.

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Personal Life

Although one may feel pretty functional and generally happy in one's personal life, the amazing moments of life are often fleeting and mixed with plenty of daily challenges, fears, anxieties, stress and unfulfilled dreams. Here are some observations from different parts of my own experience that may be of some use or interest.

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Favorite Quotes

We have gathered together some inspirational sayings and quotations from a wide variety of people, past and present, from many walks of life. The quotes cover a wide variety of subjects and aspects of practical daily life.  They are great food for contemplation, to be considered deeply. Pick one and hold it in your mind throughout a day.

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Unlock your potential.


The benefits of being positive are widely known, but finding the energy needed to be genuinely positive can be hard.  It requires effort.

Everyone experiences stress. Every challenge has a solution, but knowing where to find it is not obvious.

There are no new human problems. And for the 1st time in human history, the technology exists to capture, organize and find for people the wealth of wisdom and experience to solve any difficulty.

Imagine having all the help you could ever need…

Your Positivity Ratio

Positivity Score

“Your beliefs and thoughts create your reality. Want to change your life, then change what you think about.”
-Pavitr Anand




Positivity Score

the Positive App

The benefits of being positive are widely known, but finding the energy needed to be genuinely positive can be hard.  It requires effort.


Being positive is a choice that has enormous benefits for your life. The world responds to you in a completely different way. Life starts to work out amazingly. Its as if you start to breath different air.

The many benefits are obvious and everyone wants them. But it takes great effort sometimes to be or remain positive. This App aims to help you bridge this “effort gap” – to make it easier & more accessible in any given moment. And the more you try it, the easier it gets.

We are doing a limited Beta release. If you want to be the first to try it, sign up here:

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